the miamis

“I tried never to miss a Miamis show. I loved the songs,and the brothers in action was always a great night out. At last we get to hear the Miamis again.” Deborah Harry, Blondie

“A Miamis show was a guaranteed good time. You knew that the coolest people in New York were going to be there, clapping and singing along to all their great songs.” Tommy Ramone, Ramones

“The Miamis stood out. The Wynbrandt brothers were excellent songwriters.” Hilly Kristal, owner, CBGB

“The Miamis were there from the very beginning of the CBGB era, and their happy-go-lucky spirit helped make that moment special.” Lenny Kaye, Patti Smith Group

“Palm trees on the Bowery!” Richard Hell, Voidoids

The Miamis were one of the best-loved bands on the New York underground scene. With their sparkling songs, great harmonies and high-energy stage presence they were favorites of fans and musicians alike.

Led by songwriting brothers Tom and James Wynbrandt, the Miamis were legends at CBGB, Max’s Kansas City, the Mudd Club and throughout the city. They headlined shows with Blondie, Television, the Ramones, the New York Dolls, Talking Heads and even KISS.

Now, thanks to recently discovered tapes, everyone can hear what the excitement was all about. The Miamis album bursts with all the fun, verve and passion of those golden times. And the songs sound as fresh and vibrant now as they did when they were recorded.

The Miamis are:  Tom Wynbrandt, guitar and vocals; James Wynbrandt, guitar and vocals; Tommy Mandel, keyboards and vocals; Dale Powers, bass and vocals; and Georgie Day, drums and vocals.

The Miamis were regularly joined by some of the best sidemen in New York. Members of Spirogyra, Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review, Rick Danko’s band and the Uptown Horns added their chops to The Miamis tunes, and helped make every show a party. You can hear their contributions on the album.

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